38 Elegant and Stunning Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

Everybody knows that decorating a dorm room can be a tricky thing, but it is fun to enjoy the first year of college. You can decor it with string light as the lighting. Use extra bedcover with cute color and a thick blanket. Choose the color room with the theme that makes you comfort or according to your hobby. You can also stick some photos on the room wall or give it with frame. Beside giving photo frame, you can also use your initial name in large size to put it on the wall.

Stack some books to make it as a place to put some mini accessories. You can also give a shelf above your bed to organize your book. To store your clothes, you can put it in a cupboard under your bunk bed. A bunk bed will not take much space so that you can organize some furniture.

Below are some ideas that we have collected from the internet for you:

1. Pictures and photos
Decorate the walls with photos and create an interesting way to display them. For example, use bronze-colored jewelry cord and make a geometric photo holder with an irregular shape. Attach the pictures with little binder clips. If you want to try something a bit more unconventional, try paint-dipped picture frames. You basically take a few framed pictures, tape off the upper half and the dipper the lower half in colored paint.

2. Wall art
Instead of pictures or photos, you can use botanical prints to decorate the walls. Frame them and turn them into wall art. You can just simply use this idea as inspiration and change the theme entirely. Another simple idea is to use clipboards to display your wall art. It’s a neat trick which you can use for your calendars, to-do lists and all sorts of other things, including the display of photos and images.

3. Plants and flowers
Make a bunch of cardstock cones, secure the shape with tape, punch two holes, one on the left side and one on the right side and then feed the string through the holes so you can hang the cone on the wall on anywhere you want. They’re great for displaying small flowers.